Which are the Popular Apps that are made up of React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript Framework, created especially for mobile & IOS application Development. It was created by Facebook in 2015, it doesn’t use HTML & CSS. Though it has its own tags like <view> <text>. It’s gaining a huge market day by day due to its user-friendly UI/UX designing features. In today’s growing market from start-ups to top companies, React Native is the preferred choice for mobile application Development.

Following are incredible Apps that are Built using React Native:

Airbnb: Airbnb is a famous application assembled using React Native. As per a software Engineer at Airbnb, there are around 60 developers engaged on React Native technology on daily basis.

Gyroscope: It’s an application in which user can see the complete routine story of his life regarding integrated with the Health Kit. Users can record their meditation, weight loss activities, steps travelled, a daily report can be received that helps to define the next step in healthcare development.

Myntra: React Native is offering absurd UI/UX to the Mobile Applications, Myntra is one of the best demos of how online shopping portal on mobile is like. From excellent look to the superb user-friendly features with the dazzling appearance of profiles and order placements.

UberEats: Although React Native covers a small part of this application. React Native is surely Adds an incredible UI/UX experience to their users.

Discovery VR: The User interface of the application is drafted in React Native which endeavors smooth Virtual Reality experience to the users. Discovery VR delivers the experience on the application through VR. It moderates absolute content from the shows like Journey of Gold, Deadliest Catch etc.