The best way is to BEGIN. Begin with understanding the basics of React Native app development –

  • What is React Native technology?
  • What are its salient features?
  • How is it different from the existing native app development platforms?
  • Why should one choose React Native for app development?, and so on.

For gaining knowledge on these topics and preparing yourself for developing mobile apps using React Native technology, We recommend going through the following resources:

  1. Getting Started · React Native: This Start guide that you will get on installing React Native will give you an overview about the cross-platform technology and help in doing wonders in the realm of React Native app development.
  2. Learn React Native – Best React Native Tutorials | The platform has a great collection of tutorials shared by the experts, using which you can get theoretical knowledge along with considerable insights from their personal experience.
  3. React Native Fundamentals : Shared by Google Developer Expert Tyler McGinnis, this course will help you learn React Native from inside out.
  4. React Native App Development| Appinventiv : This blog section will help you gain comprehensive and detailed knowledge about React Native app development, and other such trending technologies in mobile app economy.
  5. The Complete React Native and Redux Course | Udemy: This course is also good to consider for getting knowledge about React Native since it was introduced.