React Native is a JavaScript Framework, created especially for mobile & IOS application Development. It was created by Facebook in 2015, it doesn’t use HTML & CSS.

Though it has its own tags like <view> <text>. It’s gaining a huge market day by day due to its user-friendly UI/UX designing features.

To simplify the development process and foster a more comfortable user experience, FaceBook decided to create a library that would allow for building a web interface with JavaScript.

Following are the Cons of React Native

Less Smooth Navigation: It doesn’t provide you a proper navigation component as per your UX. it won’t provide you a proper solution for navigation between displays.

Lack of few Custom Module: It Creates a dependency problem with custom native Android modules. you might have to build your own solutions from scratch.

Need of Native Developers: They have the solid knowledge of java Script, also has good command over Android & iOS Development and a proper knowledge of tools & technologies, ability to keep code elegant and clear.

Facebook Rules: you have to operate it on FaceBook’s license, a cause of which you are always dependent on them but today Facebook has rights to revoke the license to use React & React native in-case you get a patent related issue with them.

Poor Documentation: For integration with additional tools documentation is very poor.

Third-party components: React Native provide you the limited number of Third-party components, I don’t provide you the service of possible features as per developers requirement.

Lagging SDK Updates: It’s a time-consuming process because it won’t allow you to update all parts of APIs at once. Developers have to integrate a code library with new tools or software.

Component Quality: As developers have to be dependent on the “Third-party Component libraries” there will be no assurance of good quality & reliability of that library, chances of bugs will be higher as they are not created by the official developers, though it’s better to write your code using scratch.

Memory Management: In terms of memory usage & management, performance & speed is reduced more & float computation are managed even in the more disorganized way. there for React Native is not suitable for computation demanding applications.

Low Security: It uses JavaScript library which is famous for its delicacy, so if you want tight security for your React Native application like mobile banking application etc. you will need to pay extra attention to the details by keeping eye on malicious code snippets that could be harmful to your applications core functionalities.